Export research show

VietNamNet Bridge – The great move income this year has been confirmed as a great achievement of the move. Especially, the income of many transfer items reduced greatly in comparison with 2010. However, big problems can be found after considering the results.

Vietnam gained 3.6 thousand cash from grain exports. However, it needed to invest 2.4 thousand cash to transfer fertilizer and pesticide so as to generate the 2.4 thousand cash value of grain move. It also introduced in 800 thousand cash value of wheat and Thai grain which is 50 % more costly.

Vietnam Forex Market Backing, Main Bank Primary Says

Vietnamese main financial institution Governor Nguyen Van Giau said the nation's foreign-exchange industry is backing, less than three months after the national forex was devalued.
The main loan companies activities to freeze financial plan have reinforced precious metal and foreign-exchange markets, he informed correspondents in Hanoi these days before a conference the next day of the Oriental Development Bank . The main financial institution has increased prices  and presented new boundaries on the use of precious metal in the nation.
“Vietnam ’s precious metal and foreign-exchange industry has been constant and within the government’s control, especially during the past four weeks,” Giau said. “The government has used all initiatives to acquire blowing up, as the government’s top goals are to restrain blowing up and secure the macro-economy.”
The main financial institution this month raised its re-financing amount to 14 %, up from 13 % formerly and from 9 % in Feb. The year-on-year amount of blowing up achieved 17.51 % in May, the quickest speed since 2008, while the amount per month was 3.32 %.

Development personnel trip Tranh Stream Wave power Plant

HA NOI -- Bui Trung Dung, deputy chairman of the nationwide office of construction evaluation under the Assistant of state for Development, determined that Tranh Stream Wave power Flower "has faults in design, construction, guidance and operation".
Dung determined when major his office, along with the delegation from Quang Nam Region, last night to trip to obtain where employees were trying to restore the dam's leaking.
Dung posited that low-grade tangible was an error in dam construction. He included "though there is a simple solution for the leaking, the buyer and constructor did not deal with the issue on time, which increases great issues."